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Oral Question Forensic and Toxicology

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Oral Question Forensic and Toxicology 2010/2011 Malaysian Students. (MoU and G2G)

This form is having to main pages with subtopics according to department text book. Thank you.




1) Stages of burn
2) Definition of infanticide
3) How to know that the infant has live for 2 weeks?

1) Drugs affecting pupil
2) Manifestations of chronic lead poisoning
3) Treatment of salicyclates
4) What do you give when doing forced alkaline diuresis (salicyclate)

-distance of firearm
-if u found internal wad in the body,how far the distance is?
-postmorterm drowning
-definition of compression
-the manifestations
-the causes of of it

-the antidote of cyanide
-4 aminopyrazole antidote for what?
-aminopyridine for what?
-drugs causes dilatation pupil
-what are the symptomatic drugs?
what do u know about cadmium and its antidote?

-type of wound
-type of violent asphyxia
-different between strangulation and hanging

-tell me about activated charcoal
-when we do xray?
-tell me about antidote for digitalis

#Head Injury
-Fracture of the base of the skull -Difference between thermal and traumatic skull fracture

#Sexual Offences
Rape: conditions of consent
Type of hymen
MLI of imperforated hymen and how to treat it?
MLI of elastic hymen

#General toxicology
What kind of emesis do you know?syrup ipecac
In your opinion is it good or not?
What is the mechanism of action of emesis?= central and peripheral action
If emesis not occur after first dose, a second dose may be given or not? = yes.
Can we give the third dose again?= no. why? = complicated with arrythmmia.
The dose= adult 30ml, children= 15ml, under 1 year =10ml, under 6 month= is contraindicated (0ml)

#Drug dependence
Definitions of dependence
characters of dependence
What is meant by tolerence
what is withdrawal symptoms
opium withdrawal manifestations

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