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Community Medicine Oral Questions

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Arrange your questions according to these headings.

  1. Health System
  2. Health Care Management
  3. Communication
  4. Demography
  5. Measurement of Health
  6. Reproductive Health
  7. Occupational Health
  8. Environmental Health
  9. Medical statistics
  10. Nutritions
  11. Non-communicable diseases
  12. General epidemiology of communicable diseases
  13. Droplet infections
  14. Food-borne infections
  15. Arthropod-borne infections
  16. Contact infections

We hope your post should look like this:

[Measurement of Health]
- Enumerate vital statistics

[Food-borne infections]
- Enumerate diarrheal diseases

Thank you.


[General epidemiology of communicable diseases]
Mode of transmission of communicable diseases that you know

[Droplet infections]
Mode of transmission of TB

[Contact infections]
Mode of transmission of Hep B
How to prevent Hep B
Complications of Hep B

[parasitic infection]
Parasites that have direct contact with human

tq c's

[General epidemiology of communicable diseases]
definition and examples

[Droplet infections]
-mode of infection of TB
-how can milk act as vehicle for TB

[Reproductive Health]
Health education for pregnant woman
Maternal Mortality
-how to prevent

-nutrition for pregnant woman

components of MHC
components of preconception
-cth utk vaccination,examination n genetic counselling

[general epi]
yellow fever
-source(nama2 nyamuk)
-mode of transmission
-egypt ad ke x? mmsia ad ke x? n y?
-nama penyakit tuh in egypt

-malnutrition of pregnancy

(maternal & child health)
IMR(def,common cause in egypt)(kena yang Malaysia jugak)
MMR(def,cause,avoidable cause)

(occupational health)
health effects of heat

simple random sample

(non communicable disease)

kesimpulannnya...doc nasihat untuk ambil tahu tentang public health of our country jugak...

bittaufiq semua! :)

[measurement of health]
death rate

dr tnya pasal plague, then international regulation of plague
staph food poisoning,type of food usually ctaminated by staph. food sanitation
tu je..........


1) HOW WAS THE WRITTEN EXAM? kekeke :D (goreng,goreng)







[Reproductive Health]
Health education for pregnant female primie.
Maternal nutrition.
TFR and what's it used for.

[General Epidemiology of Comm Disease]
Dengue. (Causative org , MOT, Prevention & Control)
Malaria. (Causative org , MOT, Prevention & Control)

(Reproductive Health)
Maternal Mortality-Define, examples, how to prevent

(Occupational Health)
Healthy effects of heat exposure

(Non-Communicable Disease)
Osteoporosis-Define, risks factors

(General Epidemiology of Communicable Disease)

(Droplet Infection)
Measles-Spec Prevention

(Food-Borne Infection)
Food Poisoning-What bacteria, mechanism

[contact infection]
1-senaraikan contact infection
2-hiv termasuk tak?-ya.n camne boleh effect orang lain
3-HBV,HCV termasuk tak?-ya
4-HBV-cerita skit,vaccine nye apa?yang yeast tu dari mana(dna recombinant),dose,route,kat infant bila bagi

1-vitamin A-pregnant blh bagi tak?(x-sebab boleh sebabkan congenital anomali),source,pro vitamin
2-iodine-kesan kalu kurang,kalu pregnancy kurang akan sebabkan apa..

~doktor ni dktr nutrion,minat skit bab2 pregnancy...

[non comunicable disease]
1-risk factor of cancer

[Measurement of Health]
Mention mortality indicator
How to count propotional moratility rate

[Environmental Health]
What is indoor polution

[ general epi]

[Droplet infections]
MOT mumps

[Food-borne infections]
Specific prevention of cholera

[Athropod-borne infections]
MOT yellow fever
Types (sylvatic n urban)

[Contact infections]
rabbies vaccine

p/s : dr tanya ttg epidemik e coli kat german baru2 ni ada bc tak?

1) Are you clever?

2) [Non-communicable disease]
- Risk factor for obesity
- Advice you would give to an obese person (sgt penting utk identify cause of obesity dulu)

3) [PHC]
- Do you know about counselling?
- Counselling that you found in this course.
(genetic,family planning)
- Advice you would give during a family planning counselling

4) [Nutrition]
- Which age is most liable to have ricket?
(6-24 month)
- source of vitamin D
- how long should you expose yourself to sunlight to have adequate vitamin D?

1.crude birth rate definition n importance

[Nutrition] and [ special epi ]
2.what will u do to ensure clean food ? - food sanitary principle
how to ensure hygiene of food handler ? vaccine for foodhandler- Tab vaccine ,
tell me about tab vaccine

[special epi ] n [water sanitation]
3.MOT of cholera , cholera vaccine , how to make sure a satisfying water sanitation..

4.tell me about MMR vaccination , what vitamin is given along with MMR ? -vit A

5.Tell me about Ante natal , and Health education content for ante natal care

[Non com disease]
6.Risk factors of obese

n len2 x hengat

[general epi]
-what are the m0de 0f transmissi0n
-what is the meaning 0f n0s0c0mial infecti0n
-enumerate injecti0n infecti0n

[0ccupati0nal health]
-what is pneum0c0ni0sis


[maternal health care]
-meaning 0f maternal m0ratality rate
-c0mm0n causes 0f maternal m0rtality

-what are c0mm0n nutriti0nal pr0blems 0f infant

1)Research Methodology and statistics
Sampling in medical research
- Type of probability sampling

2)Maternal Mortality Rate
- Definition
- Causes
- How to prevent?
- is there any vaccine given during pregnancy?

4) Tetanus vaccine
- given to infant? when? 2,4,6month.Booster at 18month.

5) Pneumoconiosis
- Definition

6) Carrier
- Definition

1-prevention cretinism
2-diff supplement n fortification
3-definition epidemic
4-tetanus toxoid bg kt sape
5-type pneumoconiosis n what most dangerous

-what r the adv of breast feed
i-for the baby
ii-mother - prevent cancer ape? (cancer breast)
-type of food that cause cancer (Fat)
-fibre under category pe? (CHO) give example.. (fruit:watermelon, veg: spinach...bla3)

-risk factor of cancer breast

Communicable disease
-if u go to south africa, kene ambik vaccine pe? (yellow fever)
-give short account for yellow fever vaccine (17D, bla3)

School health (kot)
-if a classroom is overcrowded, what will happen? (transmit disease (tb, meningitis,influenza..bla3) no proper ventilation, hard to focus, p/s:cite je la perasaan mase duk kls commed dulu;p)

1) What droplet infections do you know?
- complications of whopping cough
- pevention of diptheria
- schedule of diptheria vaccination

2) Infants mortality rate
and causes of infant mortality

3) Maternal mortality rate
and causes of maternal mortality

4) Main school children health problems
and causes of anaemia among school children

[food poisoning] poisoning-source,jnis makanan,IP(1-6 h)
2-IP botulism,jenis makanan,how to prevent(refrigeration)

[arthropod infection]
1-yellow fever-vaccine,IP
2-quarantine disease

[health care management]
1-rural health problem

(Health System)
define PHC
elements of PHC
matenal mortality

(contact infection)
define contact infection

(food-borne infection)
risk factors vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis

define crude birth rate
define natural increase rate

malnutrition problems in pregnancy
types of anemia in pregnancy
diet for pregnant mother

1)Enumerate modes of transmission of communicable diseases(answer:droplet,arthropod,food-borne,contact etc)

2)Tetanus specific prevention

3)Maternal mortality rate

4)Maternal mortality factors

5)How to avoid haemorrhage during delivery?(answer:uterine massage, drugs wutever)

6)Vaccination to mom during pregnancy?

7)Other than tetanus toxoid, what vaccination can b given?(answer:No vaccination other than TT for pregnant women)

8)Risk factors for liver cancer

9)School health hazards

10)Most common diseases among school children

[special epi]
-how can rabies and gastroenteritis transmitted?
-gastroenteritis more common and dangerous in?-->chidren n can coz death due severe diarrhea..child can't withstan electrolyte imbalance like adults.
-causative organism of measles and hiv :)
-HIV n AIDS stand for?

-how can u prevent PEM

-what is maternal mortality ratio?
how much in egypt?-->25/100k ;) and malaysia?

-enumerate occupational health hazards
-details about pneumoconiosis...most dangerous type?-->asbestosis...why?coz cancer methelioma

that's all..thank u ;)


[Health System]
-Rural health problems
-parasitic infection most prevalent in Egypt= Schistosomiasis

[Occupational Health]
-indoor air pollution

[Food borne infections]
-What do you about food-borne infections?
-Specific prevention of Cholera

[Contact-borne infections]
-Specific prevention of Rabies

[Blood-borne infections]
-Who receive combined treatment of Hepatitis B
-Other disease that we give combined treatment

[General Epidemiology]
-What is outbreak? and example, recently E.Coli outbreak in German (make sure to know recent health news)

Terima kasih Radin!!
Rabbuna Yusahhil ~

naqiu najib
bismillah alhamdulillah..
why yellow fever not common in egypt?cross immunity jwpnnye
types of tetanus
lebih kurg je ni,,
haziq ghufran
prevention of tb
neonatal mortaliti rate
pre assesment of worker
how to reduce obesity

(Food Borne disease)
-example of food borne disease
-mode of transmission
-diseases that are transmitted through ingestion of improper cook meat
-prevention of poliomyelitis and disadvantages of sabin vaccine

(reproductive health)
-definiton of maternal mortality rate

(General epidemiology)
-disease that has carrier (ex:meningitis)
-type of carrier in this disease (both incubatory and healthy)

-definiton of pneumoconiosis,type,most dangerous type

Type of Carrier...explain healthy carrier

Seroprophylaxis for 3 disease

risk factor-Diabetes Mellitus,osteoporosis

Health Indicator-Maternal mortality rate n ratio,general fertility rate
maternal mortality-cause



"What are functions and sources of protein?"

Sampai bab ikan, "Do you have fish agriculture in Malaysia? Tell me about it."

"Do you know PEM?"

"If a baby is breastfed, will he develop PEM? Why?"


"What is PHC?"

"What are health problems in rural area?"

"If you are working in rural area, how can you know the health condition in your area?"

"How can you know, the performance/effectiveness of your health work?"

[Health Measurement]

(Prevalence Rate, Mortality Rate, etc.. ini adalah jawapan untuk soalan sebelum ini...)

[Occupational Health]

"What are occupational health hazards?"


Sekian :)

bismillah alhamdulillah..

source and vaksin Hep B

source and prevetn thypoid? fewer

prevention of something(dah lupe)

children health care
growth chart

death rate

p/s:blog ni idup lg? bile nk tutup? =p

[Reproductive health]
-maternal mortality rate and ratio
-causes of maternal mortality

-Peumoconiasis. its diff type.
-Complication of sillicosis and asbestosis

[non-communicable disease]
-risk factors of hypertension.
-HTN itself is a risk factor of..?

[Droplet infection]
-Prevention of meninggococcal meningitis

Wallahu ta'ala a'lam.

-Dr. Do'a-

(Reproductive Health)
Maternal Mortality-Define,direct causes, how to prevent

(Occupational Health)
Healthy effects of heat exposure

tq radin..~

General Fertility Rate-definition

[Measurement of Health]
Survey vs Surveillance

[Occupational Health]
Asbestosis, Silicosis, Baggynosis which is the most hazardous
Causing disease

Environmental Health
[Medical statistics]
How to measure Central Tendency

[Non-communicable diseases]
Lung cancer: Risk factor

[Food-borne infections]
Salmonella-source and mode of transmission, type of carrier present

Dr. Doaa:

[reproductive health]
*maternal mortality
-causes-which causes preventable?

[non-communicable disease]

[General epi]
- difference between case and carrier

[special epi]
-disease yang ada carrier eg:food borne ( poliomyelitis, hep A,hep B,typhoid, cholera…)
-type of carrier in this disease
-cholera (type of strains that cause disease-V.Cholera 01 classical & El Tor, the most common MOT- water contamination)
-BCG vaccine ( explain sume)

-geriatric health problem ( doc tekankan osteoporosis-causes, mineral ape yg kurang:calcium,phosphorus, vit D)

-vitamin D deficiency

1. (Nutritions)
- advantages of breastfeeding

2. (General epidemiology of communicable diseases)
- classification of carriers + examples
- diseases that have all types of carriers..HBV?

3.(Droplet infections)
- specific prevention of measles
- immunoglobulin prophylaxis can be given to...
- Vaccination schedule in Egypt

4.(Contact infections)
- specific prevention of tetanus
- types of tetanus
- can we give tetanus toxoid to pregnant women? why? doses? when?
-nature of tetanus toxoid?

Dr Laila..

how's ur written..?

[Health System]
-definition of PHC..
-elements of PHC
>>8 element PHC
>>under immunization
-->vaccination schedule in Egypt
-->why give BCG to infant?

[Arthropod-borne infections]
-yellow fever
>>ada kat mesia x?
>>kenape xde kat egypt

[General epidemiology of communicable diseases]
-what's mean by carrier..
>>cth2 carrier
-what infection can spread in unsanitary classsroom??

[Health System]
PHC - definition, element, principle

- list mode of transmition
- example of contact infection
- specific prevention of HBV
- TB- prevention

- Malnutrition of infant
- couse marternal motality

salam alayk :)

Dr. Umaimah and her assistant

[health system]
mention the PHC elements
why education is the first element? ->to educate ppl the importance of other elements.

iron - sources

1- imagine as doctor and pregnant woman comes at 4weeks gestation for check up. (explain about ANC first visit)

2- what is the vaccine given to her and why? -Tetanus

*mula2 doktor nak tanya pasal prevalence and incidence, pastu tak jadi sebab doktor tu baik dan kata soalan tu susah, alhamdulillah ^_^*

all the best semua^^~

how about your written exam??
(special epidemiology)
what is mode of transmission of infectious disease?
specific prevention of plague?
what is different between sabin and salk?
(general epidememiology)
what is carrier its type and which disease has carrier?
do TB have carrier?
define maternal mortality rate..
how much pregnant women need protein?
what is important of breastfeed?

liyana mastura

[rural health system]
Common health problems in rural
Examples of communicable disease in rural area
[Special epi]
MOT and prevention of Schistosomiasis
MOT of food borne diseases
Food poisoning
Clinical pictures of botulism
[general epi]
Type of carriers and examples

Budak Kelate

School Health Problem

[Non communicable diseases]
What is the meaning of oncogenic infection
Risk factors for Cancer

All the fertility rate

[Special Epi]
Mention all Droplet infection, their organism
Mot of HBV and HCV


Sources of Iron

[Special epi]
Do u know Measles? Does it dangerous?
What is the vaccination? MMR
When do we give MMR?

Prevention of TB
What is BCG?
When do we give it?

Rural health problems

(Reproductive Health)
Maternal Mortality-Define, examples, how to prevent

(Occupational Health)
Healthy effects of heat exposure,prevent

(Food-Borne Infection)
Food Poisoning-What bacteria, mechanism,common source of food


[special epidemiology]
mode of transmission and specific prevention

[reproductive health]
components of maternal health care
examination should be done before marriage

[special epidemiology]
hepatitis a (prevention)
rabies (MOT and prevention)

[Environmental health ]
indoor air pollution

do you know about latest outbreak that occur in Germany?
how do you know?do u read newspaper?
good, u read the other sources..=)hihi

pastu dr berckp2 ngan dr sorg lagih..komplen pasal soklan short essay yg bayk n xpadan dgn waktu diberi...
(harap2 pemarkahan dimudahkan..aminn) =)

Family Planning counselling?
-different between health education n counselling
HE: information only
Counselling: guide patient smpi decision dibuat.
*memilih cara contraceptive yg terbaik.
*bukan genetic counselling, sbb dah berkahwin.
genetic counselling sblm berkahwin.

Chlorination-why chlorine?
Chemical hazard-water

All fertility rate
-most imp: age spesific fertility rate
-maternal mortality ratio: apa denominator dia-no of live birth certain year n locality
maternal mortality kene kasi definition sblm kasi equation.

(Special epi)
eradication of small pox
-is it imp in the book-no,small part
-ok, soalan ni saya tak kira =)

-utensil yang tak bahaya digunakan dlm memasak
*glassware, stainless steel
-yang bahaya-aluminuim


(Food Borne)
source and mode of transmission of thyphoid fever.
(Non Communicable disease)
Modifiable factor of coronary heart disease
Source of iron
(Environmental Health)
Health hazards of hospital waste
Difference between rate and ratio.
(Rural health)
Function of health office.
Why are studying in Egypt?
How much salary of professors in Malaysia?

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal..

[Environmental health]
-Enumerate sources of water
-Reasons of unsafe shallow water
-Reasons of safe deep water = below first impermeable layer
-What is the source of water in Malaysia= I simply answered rain water. *The doc was amazed* (:
-Water washed disease= infrequent washing and inadequate personal hygiene

[Food-borne infections]
-Staph food poisoning. Give an account.
-As a food handler how do you manage to prevent this problem? The doc gave me a cake for an example according to this situation. Answer= Keep it in refrigerator after baked it.
BOILING is not the answer. As pastries, cake,salad, and custard are the common incriminated food in staph food poising and not the water!

(Reproductive Health)
-what kind of vaccine do we give at 1 year of life
-what kind of vaccine do we give at school entry
-what is MMR

-what is GFR

-malnutrition in children
-important minerals and vitamins in pregnancy
-how we prevent malnutrition in children

-what is PHC and its elements

opss...mcm ade tmbhn,, bru tringt... after doc tny what is epidemic.. then doc tnya what about pandemic? n gives example.. :)

-Crude Birth Rate, definition, is it good to use this method? answer: No because it is too general

[Reproductive Health]
-Maternal Mortality Ratio
-Causes of Maternal Mortality
-Malnutrition in pregnant woman
-Family Planning Counselling (diff between Health Education and Family Planning Counselling)- same macam soalan iman dashuki :)

[Special epi]
-Yellow Fever: Vaccine, Incubation Period
-Mention Quarantinable Diseases: Yellow Fever, Cholera, Plague, Small Pox
-other diseases that have long IP

bittaufeeq wannajah utk next imtihan !

[Health Care Management]
Health education to geriatrics

[ Demography ]
Case- fatality -def

[Environmental Health]
Health hazards of hospital wastes

[ Medical statistics]
Variable- def. and types

[Non-communicable disease]
Diabetic - risk factors

[Contact infection]
Tetanus- sources of infection and M.O.T

alhamdulillah..jzkk semua..

Dr muhammad hassan

[Arthropod-borne infections]
-enumerate infection by vector
plague-MOT/International measure to prevent

[Non-communicable diseases]
-risk factor diabetes mellitus

[Health System]
preventive element of PHC

[Environmental Health]
-air pollution

psl plague, Dr tanya apa yg kita takut atas kapal tu (rats) n kapal dari mana kita takut (India dll)

(special epi)
i) zoonotic disease
ii) quarantinable disease in egypt
iii) difference between brucellosis and yellow fever

(non communicable disease)
i) risk factor of osteoporosis
ii) obesity: is it good for osteoporosis and why
: answer: fat stores vitamin D. Obese=rich in vit D=protects from osteoporosis.

i) source of iron in animal. And plants.
ii) which is better; iron of animal source or plant source and why

i) Prevalence rate
ii) median

mungkin ada lagi soalan yang dokte tanya, tapi tak ingat.

wat leklok "adik2" taun 4 taun depan ya~

[Droplet infections]
-MOT of Tb, meningococcal meningitis and byk lagi, doctor tanya randomly

[Food-borne infections]
- MOT of typhoid, cholera
- specific preventions for cholera

[Child Heatlh]
- child health appraisal
- growth monitoring
- specific nutrition for children

Arthropod-borne infections
- vector for malaria, yellow fever
- common infections in malaysia
- manifestations of dengue
- endemic areas of yellow fever
- plague

Izzuddin Abd Hamid

source,Mode of infection TB,brucellosis,m.meningitis

do you have polio in malaysia..
Sabin n salk vaccine

maternal mortality..causes
advantage of breast milk..

some advice yg doctor bg..bila dlm oral exam..
klu kite tau jawapan tu ada brape byk..jgn sebut nombor
nnt dc tu akan force kite bgtau semuanye :)

mahfuzah abdul halim


(general epidemiology)
-definition of carrier
examples of canvalescent,healthy,contact carrier
-vaccination schedule for infant

(environmental health)
-sources of water
-apa yang common kat egypt?-deep well.dangerous or not?n y?
-water-washed disease

(food borne disease)
-vaccine apa
-bila bagi
-common x in egypt?x sebab dah eradicated

*rasanya tu je*
wallahu a'lam.


Dr Hanaa


(Maternal health care)
-infant mortality rate
-ante natal care
-lab diagnosis for pregnant women
-culture taken from pregnant women..
dr tanye kna buat x stool analysis for pregnant women
jawapannye NO..why??? sbb klu buat pon kita xleh nk
treat dy mase pregnancy (cthnye klu perempuan tu ade
shistosomiasis )so buat je stool analysis kt
pregnant women tu after delivery..(soalan KBKK kot)

(Research Methodology and statistics)
-Sampling in medical research
- Type of probability sampling

(non communicable diasease)
-risk factor for coronary heart disease

last skali dr cakap:OK you can run now!!!

wallahu a'lam.


(special epi)
-Tell me about DPT(diseases related to it)
-Are those diseases can lead to death?..why?
-Tetanus neonatorum

-Vit D deficiency

(food-borne infection)
-hepatitis A: source and mode of transmission.

(medical statistic)
-types of sampling

(non-communicable disease)
-coronary heart disease risk factors

(primary health care)
-role of health office

-how to calculate prevalence

(environmental hazards)
-noise: health complication

salam alayk.

[general epi]
-mode of transmission 0f infection disease

[special epi]
-example 0f c0ntact infecti0n
-how t0 treat tetanus ne0nat0rum

[n0n c0mmunicable disease]
-risk fact0r 0f CHD
-h0w about sex? which 0ne is m0re c0mm0n?

[primary health care]
-elements 0f PHC

[General epi]
Types of carrier and examples

Types of malnutrition
Prevention of vitamin A deficiency
Complications of iodine deficiency disorder
Prevention of iodine dificiency
How to detect hypothyroidism in newly born baby (blood taken from the heels)

bismillah walhamdulillah..

Dr.Ala'..dr laki ni baik..i.Allah..
-did u study well nutrition?..i.allah..
-ok,vit B1..another name?-thiamine,prominent manifestation? u know manifestation of beri2?erk..
-vit B2..another name?manifestation of deficiency?
-vit B12,another name-cyanocobalamine.deficiency?
-Folic acid,deficiency
-do u know about nutritional assestment?
-community nutritional ass?
-food balance sheet-malaysia n egypt?

-what is chemoprophylaxis?
-do u know infectious diseases need chemoprophylaxis?list...


mga adik2 thn dpn dpt lbh baik..amiin

(General Epidemiology)
-what is reservoir
-type of carrier
-ex of chronic carrier
-meaning of endemic
-meaning of carrier

(Communicable disease)
-cholera,present in msia or not
-infectious disease in msia?
-HIV prevalence in msia?
-could HIV transmitted during swimming in swimming pool?-cannot due to presence of chlorine
-causative organism of HIV

-what is Maternal mortality?
-causes of MM?
-what is MMRatio?

Dr. Hana'(vvvv kind dr.^^)
-DPT vaccine...stand for wat?anything u know about this vaccine...0.5ml,IM,2,4,6month...when booster?
-others vaccine during 18month...n vit ape?? vit.A..dose??200,000
-vit.A source??important for wat?..prevent night blindness,healthy skin&m.m,antioxidant...n plg pnting anti-infection
-stage of water purification...
-why use chlorine?
-wat is residual chlorine?n break point?


1)anti-oxidant(all u know about a/oxidant)
2)vitamin that we give together with vaccination.vit A..why???
3)immunization schedule

nutritional anemia enumerate

[contact infection]
enumerate contact infections
tetanus dan soalan2 berkaitan

[community diagnosis]
birth rate, dan kepentingannya. (fertility indices dan natural increase rate)

1.vitamin D deficiency-group high risk-how to treat
2.source of food that prevent cancer 3 and its important--->protect cardovascular
4.trans fatty acid

Group 2, Dr Dahlia

[General Epidemiology]
- enumerate control for case
- enumerate specific prevention

[Special Epidemiology]
- diseases that have all 3 specific prevention
- specific prevention for typhoid fever

[Non-Communicable Disease]
- enumerate 5 risk factors for CHD

- Cause for maternal mortality

[Community Diagnosis]
- difference between maternal mortality ratio and maternal mortality rate

[Research Methodology]
- what is descriptive study
- give examples for descriptive study and analytical study
- which one can prove hypotheses


what do you mean by baggynosis?

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