Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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The Return Of Seventh Generation, 2011/12

Back again in the Kasr El-Ainy Medical School, Cairo with the university and lectures going on again…books piling up on the table…ahh, the tension of being a student has once again gripped our necks. Most of us would be wondering how are we going to perform this year, after quite a shocking fall out of performance for the 10/11 session, eh?

Hmm, well my dear colleagues, keep wondering.. because unless you do, I fear we might repeat last session history. What more, with the greater and far challenging tasks laying right ahead of us in the Fifth year studies. SOME of us might not worry, or better still, might be feeling relaxed despite knowing all these facts. Maybe they are ready but be warned, that dealing with expectations of all of Malaysians, our relatives, families n loved ones will not be easy unless of course, you are not aware of this fact!

Sometimes, we might wonder as to why are we fated to such a difficult task of caring and saving people’s lives, memorizing so many facts and consuming so much time trying to carve medicine into our heart and head!?? Some of us might have even accepted this destiny (we choose or chosen for us), but still, why do we still feel remorse? Why is it so excruciating sometimes…just in order to succeed our destiny?

Dear friends, I’m not going to tell you all solutions to these questions. Unfortunately, these are all questions that we all have to answer for ourselves, sooner or later. So for the time being, let us all think of what we CAN do for now ha! As the say goes

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a PRESENT”.

In the end dear colleagues, it is what you do with the time given to you that defines who you are! Not what you think or say eh?!

Learning together, and attending lectures with our fellow Egyptians, is without a doubt a challenge that has been thrown by JPA a.k.a the government to us. Hmm, this sure is somewhat troublesome. Still, needless for me to say that as part of being a student, we should accept this challenge, adapt to it, and finally overcome it while at the same time proving to them of our capabilities. Keep in mind that this is also in the nature of Islam which supports the idea of seeking knowledge, no matter the language and environment.

Last but not least, be advised of our sixth generation seniors, on the overall result that they achieved for their fifth year study. Beware that unless we strive for excellence, we too are deemed to fall. Be warned…that until we do our best, we will only let ourselves down in the end. Even though there is a saying

“It is losers who always whines about their best, and it is the winners who runs with the prize”

Is it not effort what Allah always looks for? Was it not “niat” that Allah always looks for? Hmm?

Well then, with that said (written actually), we; High Council of Gen 7 Batch; had hoped to instill or light the FIRE within you ladies and gentlemen of the batch to always look forward and keep fighting for your survival. Hopefully we have done enough, and regardless of our position, we will keep on trying on your behalf and ours, to ensure our survival…forever…hopefully….InsyaAllah.

Finally, we would like to welcome you all back to studying here. Let us all pray that this year will be more fruitful that the last eh!

Academic Bureau of Seventh Gen


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